Our Board of Trustees

Role of the Board of Trustees

The role of our Board of Trustees is to provide governance for our School. 

Some of the Board of Trustees key areas of contribution include:

• Setting the vision, mission & values.

• Developing and reviewing the general policy direction.

• Monitoring and evaluating student learning outcomes.

• Providing financial stewardship & overseeing resources.

• Approving major policies and programme initiatives.

• Building a broad base of community support.

• Managing risks etc. www.nzsta.org.nz for more info.

To achieve these outcomes and others, the Board is the forum to discuss any issues pertaining to these points. The Board therefore welcomes written questions addressed to: The Board C/- of the Board Chair.

The Principal is the day to day manager who works with the Board to achieve mutually set goals.

Ms Sasha Poldmaa


Mrs Vanessa Duncan


Mrs Kaydi Tindle 

Presiding Member 

Mrs Davina Brasting 

Staff Trustee

Mrs Janine Trott


Mr Rowan Massey 


Mr Cole Paki