Our Bus

Kaitoke School Bus

The Kaitoke School Bus is owned by the Board of Trustees and is a user pays bus. Our bus stops at predetermined locations around our side of the City and runs to a strict timetable. We have bus rules, specific seats for students and bus monitors. Our bus is comfortable to travel in, well maintained, and our bus and driver are certified. We take pride in our bus. 

We often use our bus for school, syndicate or class excursions. We love our bus!


Bus bookings must be made and paid for at the start of each Term, or an automatic payment set up at the start of the term. Any changes need to be made in advance to Jo at the office.

Costs are $2.50 per trip.

You can access Bus Booking forms from the office.

Code of Conduct

Students travelling on the Kaitoke School bus must agree to abide by the behavioural expectations outlined in the Code of Conduct. 

Please contact the office for a copy of the Code of Conduct.

Route and Timetable

Please scroll down to view the bus route.

These are the optimal timings for our school bus, and we will do our best to meet them.

There are often delays like roadworks etc, so please don't be too concerned if we are running slightly late. 

All morning and afternoon times might be '+ or -' 3 minutes.

If the bus is later than usual, please don't hesitate to give Michael (our bus driver) a ring on the Bus Cell Phone - 027 841 9707. 

Please note: If your child will not be on the bus in the afternoon, please let the office or Michael know as soon as possible.

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