At Kaitoke School we are well prepared for events and emergencies.

Our students and staff have fire and earthquake drills each term. We also have evacuation and lock-down drills every term.

We keep an emergency kit of food and other items at school and update these each year.

We use our Closed Facebook page to make initial contact with parents following an event, and follow our plans and procedures in the event of an emergency.

It is vital that we have current contact details for our families. Please call the office if you have any changes to your contact details or address.

Whanganui Radio Frequencies in an Emergency:

National Radio 567 AM or 101.6 FM

Newstalk ZB 1197 AM

Classic Hits 89.6 FM

Radio Live 96 FM

More FM 92.8 FM

Your Survival Kit should contain a battery powered radio with spare batteries, or use your car radio.