Students in Room 3, 4, and 5 have the option of purchasing and bringing their own Chromebooks (BYOChromebooks) to school each day.

This is known as BYOChromebooks.

This is completely optional, and those students who do not bring their own Chromebook will still have access to school owned devices in their classes.


All students in Room 3, 4, and 5 will have the option to BYOChromebooks to and from school each day. This is optional.

All students in Room 3, 4, and 5 will be given a WeLearn email account, which is how they will log in to the personal and school Chromebooks.


A Chromebook is like a small 'laptop' which runs completely on Google Chrome and the internet. As they are completely Google based, there is no need for updates or virus protection, and no software. This makes them fast, and reliable. All work is saved in the students WeLearn account which is in the cloud. This means it can be accessed from any device with access to the internet and Google.

Our preferred model of Chromebook is Acer, as these have already been trialed successfully in the classroom. We have found they are fast and have enough battery life to last the whole school day. Students will also need a set of headphones and a carry case to keep their Chromebooks safe going to and from school. We also encourage students to personalise their device - stickers, etc - to help students distinguish between devices.


Students and parents must fill out and return a BYOChromebook Agreement and WeLearn Account Agreement before they begin to bring their Chromebooks to school.


Purchasing - Chromebooks are available from a range of agencies, and we encourage you to shop around. Noel Leeming have a package deal running for Kaitoke School and offer payment plans. Please ensure that you are purchasing a Chromebook rather than an alternative device, such as a notebook or tablet as these are not permitted at Kaitoke School. The fail safe way to check is to ensure the model name contains the word "Chromebook".

Use - Chromebooks can be used anywhere there is wireless internet access - this includes at school and at home. The students work is saved on the cloud, so is able to to accessed on any device with access to the internet and Google.

Storage - A lockable cupboard will be available for students to store their Chromebooks in during Morning Tea and Lunchtime.


There are a range of benefits to students having their own device, including:

- increased access to technology and learning across classroom and home environments

- opportunities for teachers to personalise learning pathways for students

- giving students more opportunities to make choices in their learning and collaborate with others.

As a school we have chosen Chromebooks as the device students are able to bring to school. It is important to remember that it is the learning that can be done using the device, not the device itself that is important. We have found that Chromebooks are fast (they start in a matter of seconds), reliable (the battery life lasts the whole school day), and they allow students to have the best access to the learning activities we use at school.

Having one device across the school also allows teachers to focus on the learning using the devices, rather than on the management of a wide range of devices.

Please email our eLearning Coordinator if you have any questions regarding Chromebooks, WeLearn Accounts, or eLearning: